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Head of Production

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Objective of job

  • Assure all production processes in the plant

Principle activities

  • Support the strategic planning of the unit/division by breaking down or developing the strategic planning for the department within a short or medium-range time frame
  • Plan and administer the budget in his/her area of responsibility, in cooperation with the supervisor, and make sure there is compliance with it
  • Develop and implement personnel planning in his/her area of responsibility, in cooperation with the supervisor; also make sure qualified personnel are hired
  • Provide technical and disciplinary leadership to associates that report to him/her; make personnel decisions in cooperation with the HR department and the supervisor
  • Develop department-specific goals, break down and prioritize the department goals, follow up on goals and evaluate goal achievement
  • Assure all production functions in the plant (e.g. production, setup, maintenance, etc.); implement corrective actions for deviations as required
  • Assure the production of all parts/components/component groups to be manufactured at the plant site with the greatest possible efficiency and according to customer requirements with regard to quantity, schedule, quality and costs, and in compliance with the internal DRX strategic and operational guidelines
  • Identify potential, develop suggestions for improvement, and assure the implementation of improvements for processes and structures as well as procedures and methods
  • Assure the permanent availability and readiness for use of all workstations, machines and equipment by preventive and corrective maintenance measures
  • Assure the implementation of safety, health and environmental protection regulations as part of  legislation
  • Supports the other production areas for carrying out interdepartmental tasks
  • Trains, supports, motivates and evaluates subordinate staff; if necessary applies disciplinary measures
  • Determining and establishing KPIs
  • Ensuring compliance with process and procedure instructions
  • Coordinates the development of the production process according to the client's requirements
  • Organizes and conducts meetings with subordinate staff for synchronizing activities in order to achieve optimal production conditions 
  • Collaborates with the managers of other departments (Technical, Logistics, Quality) to solve any problems met in production
  • Proposes measures for the continuous improvement of processes
  • Establishes the tasks and responsibilities of subordinate staff, based on job descriptions 
  • Identifies the training needs of the subordinate staff and ensures their continuous training
  • Evaluates the activity of the subordinate staff and makes proposals for motivation, sanctioning, promotion, etc.
  • Follows the general company’s specific working procedures
  • Responsible for the correctness and promptness with which he/she provides the information in its field of activity to colleagues and superiors
  • Responsible for the efficient use of the work schedule by using the working time only in order to perform the service tasks
  • Has a polite attitude towards both subordinate staff and other people with whom he comes into contact within the company (respect in society is mandatory - greeting, address)
  • Ensures compliance with labor protection rules and fire protection within the area of responsibility
  • Prepares reports and records related to the production processes
  • Follow the rules for using IT systems: software, e-mails, external data carriers 
  • Responsible for compliance with the legislation, norms and instructions of safety and health at work and emergency situations for his person and for the group he leads
  • Respects the general working procedures specific to the company (work schedule, punctuality in creating and submitting reports, etc.)
  • Ensures compliance with legal provisions regarding environmental protection and service secrecy
  • Comply with the provisions of the Labor Code, the Collective Labor Agreement, the Internal Rules  
  • Comply with the legal provisions regarding quality assurance standards 
  • Is responsible for the confidentiality of the information that is controlled and derived from his activity
  • Has the responsibility to reduce the amount of complaints

Job requirements

Specialized knowledge / education:    

  • Professional/graduate education (seasoned professional) usually acquired through a bachelor’s degree or professional certification with substantial (five to seven) years of experience in the related field/s (highly proficient in a technical, scientific or specialized field with a high degree of innovative and conceptual thinking within a scientific discipline)

Work experience   

  • Production experience

Additional knowledge    

  • Design/set up methods of resolution (primarily within a verified knowledge base) for differing and complex situations, including a detailed analysis of the situation/causes
  • IT knowledge (MS Office, PC)
  • Compliance Guideline


  • KS-Info
  • PTO System
  • FMEA
  • Specific requirements of the client

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